120L General Purpose Spill Kit 

240L General Purpose Spill Kit 

50L General Purpose Spill Kit 

80L General Purpose Spill Kit 

30L General Purpose Spill Kit 

240L Hazchem Spill Kit 

80L Hazchem Spill Kit 

50L Hazchem Spill Kit 

30L Hazchem Spill Kit 

240L Workshop Spill Kit 

120L Workshop Spill Kit 

80L Workshop Spill Kit 

50L Workshop Spill Kit 

30L Workshop Spill Kit 

240L Oil & Fuel Spill Kit 

120L Oil & Fuel Spill Kit 

80L Oil & Fuel Spill Kit 

50L Oil & Fuel Spill Kit 

30L Oil & Fuel Spill Kit 

120L Hazchem Spill Kit 

Spill Kits

Spill Socks, Pillows, Pads & Booms

ES-PBSS-125-3 Oil Only 3m boom - single skin

ES-SOGP-75-1.2 1.2m Grey GP Sock

ES-PPHAZ-400 HazChem Poly Pad

ES-SPHZ-75-3 3m Poly Sock

ES-PP-R44 Poly Pad Roll Perforated White

ES-PPGP-R44 Poly Grey GP Perforated Roll

ES-PP-400-P Poly Pads 48 x 43

ES-SOGP-75-3 GP 3m Sock

ES-SPAO-75-1.2 1.2m Poly Sock

ES-SPAO-75-3 1.2m Poly Sock

ES-PBSS-125-5 5m x 125mm Poly Boom with clip

ES-PBSS-125-6 Oil Boom Single Skinned with Clips

ES-PBSS-200-3 Poly Oil Boom with Clips 

ES-PPGP-400 GP Pad grey

Collapsible Spill Bund 2m x 2m x 300mm PVC 900gsm Yellow



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